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Sort your jewellery by fineness and make a separate bag or envelope with the unmarked silver.

Thinking of Selling Your Silver Jewellery

Is your jewellery box overflowing with pieces you no longer wear? Do you have broken silver chains, mismatched earrings, or heirlooms that just aren’t your style? It might be time to declutter and turn that unwanted silver jewellery into cash.

But where do you start? It can be daunting, especially when you’re not sure if you’re getting a fair deal. This is where we come in, to simplify the process and ensure you get the most value from your silver.

1. Identify Your Silver: The first step is knowing what you have. Is it pure silver, sterling silver, or silver-plated? Pure silver pieces contain more silver by weight than sterling silver or other silver standards however are less common for jewellery as it is a softer metal. We do not buy silver plated items so be sure to place these separately while you are sorting. Check for hallmarks or stampings, usually located on the inner part of rings or the clasps of necklaces. Look for numbers like .925, Sterling, or SS – these signify sterling silver.

2. Understand Its Value: Silver is valued by weight and its purity. Once you know, or have estimated, the silver purity of your pieces of jewellery simply put them on a kitchen scale and multiply the weight by our current price per gram for that purity. This will provide you with a good estimate of what you will get paid for them.

3. Choose the Right Buyer: Not all buyers are created equal. Many places will buy your silver jewellery, however the prices they pay might not be such a good deal for you. We know that you will come out ahead with our transparent process that pays you a fair value based on current silver market rates.

4. Simplify the Selling Process: Selling silver shouldn’t be complicated. With us, it’s as easy as bringing your items to our office where we will inspect them at no cost and provide you with an offer to purchase. Feel free to call us with any questions you have before coming to see us.

5. Get Paid: We don’t keep you waiting. Once you accept our offer, we pay you on the spot.

It’s time to clear out the clutter, make room for new memories, and earn some extra cash. Our team is here to guide you through every step, helping you unlock the true value of your unwanted silver jewellery.

Remember, those old, broken, or forgotten pieces of silver jewellery aren’t just taking up space. They’re potential cash, waiting to be discovered.

Selling Your Silver Jewellery

We Make it Fast and Easy

Before You Come to our Office

Sort and Identify

Prior to coming to our office we recommend that you try to identify and sort your silver jewellery by the purity of silver. Look for hallmarks or stamps.

Estimate Value

Use our price tables below to get an estimate of what your payout will be.

Write it Down

As you identify the silver purity of your items place them in bags or containers and label them. Place all the unmarked jewellery or the items you are not sure about in a separate bag. Make a list of what you have and bring this with you to our office. It will help you keep track of what you are selling.

At Our Office

Visual Inspection

We will visually inspect your silver jewellery and we may use some tests to determine what you have brought to us.

Unmarked Silver Jewellery

After we visually inspect your jewellery we will place unknown items on our X-ray scanner to determine their purity.

Making You an Offer

After we have finished separating all of your items by purity we will weigh each group and then multiply it by the purity and our current silver melt price to make you an offer.

The Payout

After accepting our offer we will pay you on the spot in your choice of: cash, cheque, or bank transfer. We can pay you out in either Canadian Dollars or US Dollars. You can also choose to be paid out in other precious metals that you may be interested in.


You can leave your silver jewellery with us and we will sort and separate it for you and then call you when it is ready to sell.

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Our Prices

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Please feel free to call us during working hours to check prices or ask us any questions you have.

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