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You will be happy with our quick service, knowledgeable staff, transparent dealings and our top notch prices.

Great Prices

We pay based on live market prices and provide clear receipts that show exactly what you sold and the price.

Fast Transactions

Between our spacious office and speedy staff, we will have you served and out the door with your money fast.


We respect your privacy and offer discreet transactions in a secure office. We do not share your information.

Guardian Gold: The Smart Choice When Selling Your Silver

While there are many ways to sell your silver, including mail in services or trying to sell privately using online markets, here are seven reasons you come out ahead when selling to Guardian Gold.


Most transactions are completed within ten minutes. We appreciate your time and work to get you in and out quickly.

Personalized Service

Selling your silver at Guardian Gold means that you work directly with our knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Our staff will help you understand exactly what you have, determine the value of your silver, and guide you through the selling process. We will assess your silver on the spot and provide you with a clear description of the silver content in the items you have brought. You will get paid for the proper value of your items.

Immediate Payment

Unlike online sales, selling silver to Guardian Gold means you will get paid on the spot.

No Surprises

Selling your silver in-person eliminates the risk of disputes over the amount, condition, or authenticity of your silver that can arise when selling it via mail.

Safe, and Easy

No meeting a stranger to sell your silver and worry about getting ripped off. Avoid the hassles of listing online and dealing with all the no-shows, back and forth emails, and people ghosting you – leaving you waiting to sell your silver.


We have been in business since 2003 and have been located at the same address since 2005. We work hard every day to earn our reputation of providing fair prices, transparency, and customer service.

Variety of Payment Options

We can pay you in either Canadian or US Dollars by cash, cheque, ACH or wire transfer.

Feel the double win of regaining your storage space and turning that silver into cash.

Feel the double win of regaining your storage space and turning that silver into cash.

Types of Silver We Buy

Silver Coins and Rounds

Silver coins and rounds are typically 99.99% or 99.9% pure silver. Guardian Gold buys all kinds of silver coins and rounds. While Royal Canadian Mint Silver Maple Leaf and US Mint Silver Eagle coins get most of the attention in the market, there are great products made by other mints and refineries. The primary difference between a silver coin and a round is that coins are made by government owned/controlled mints and typically have a face value i.e. they are legal tender in the country of issue. Silver rounds are made by refiners and do not have a face value for legal tender. Learn more about selling your silver coins.


Silver has been used for thousands of years to make both functional and decorative pieces to be used for serving, eating and drinking. They are most commonly made out of Sterling Silver, which is 92.5% pure silver, or Continental Silver, which is 80% pure silver. The popularity of using silverware has been declining for years and many people find themselves with large collections that take up space, rarely get used, and require extra cleaning and care to keep shiny and looking good. Learn more about selling Silverware.

Circulating Silver Coins

Coins for everyday purchases used to be made of silver, going back to Roman times and earlier. In the late 1960s to early 1970s most governments reduced and then removed silver from circulating coins. Simply put the value of the silver was was worth more than the money value of the coins. Silver content was replaced with nickel, copper, and other base metals. As the value of silver remains high it makes sense to sell your old silver circulating coins for their silver value rather than spending them for their face value. There are many coins with different purities of silver in them, our experts will help you understand what coins you have and what they are worth.

Silver Bars

Silver bars come in two main forms: stamped bars and cast bars. Stamped bars are made with blank silver ingots in a press with plates that give it its design. They are cleaner looking and can have very fine details. Cast bars are made by pouring molten silver into a mould and then pressing in information like the makers mark and serial number. Both kinds of silver bars come in a variety of sizes and typically are made of 99.99% or 99.9% pure silver. Learn more about silver bars and how to sell them.

Silver Jewellery

One of the earliest and longest lasting uses of silver has been to turn it into jewellery. Going back thousands of year silver was, at one time, harder to get than gold and was treasured even more highly. Once techniques to extract silver from ores became known and used, the natural abundance of silver in the earth saw great quantities of silver produced. Silver jewellery is very popular both for its looks and for its lower cost compared to gold. As with gold jewellery, styles and tastes change over time and pieces get left in jewellery boxes and drawers. Find out how to sell your silver jewellery. Bring your silver jewellery to Guardian Gold where we will assess it and provide you with an offer to buy it.

Kinds of Silver We Do NOT Buy

We do not purchase any silver plated items.

The costs to recover the silver content in these items is greater than the value of the silver.

If you have silver plated items that you no longer want we suggest that you donate them to someone who will use them, or list them to sell in an online marketplace.

We do not buy precious or semi-precious stones, rocks, or sedimentary materials.

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