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Scrap Metal Purchasing

We purchase a variety of scrap precious metals: Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium. To calculate your estimated payout on your precious metals we have created an online calculator.

Gold Scrap Metal Assay

We use a high efficiency induction furnace to melt gold only. This process creates a bar that is uniform in composition from which we can obtain an accurate purity reading. While in the office, you can watch your gold being melted through a window into our melt-room.

Silver, Platinum and Palladium Scrap

We do not melt Silver, Platinum or Palladium on premises so if you require a melt the turn-around will be 24 hours or more depending upon the size of your lot. We can pay out 80% of the estimated value and settle the balance once a precise result has been obtained. Where a melt is not required and for small silver lots we calculate the purity on either the markings or XRF Analysis.

We buy coins with silver content as well and request that similar content coins are grouped together to facilitate a quicker transaction.

Purity Analysis

In order to get the best value for our clients, we analyse all purchased metals with regularly calibrated, state of the art ElvaX-XRF Analyzer desktop energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence EDXRF analyzer spectrometer for accurate precious metals content. This leaves no question as to the purity of your metals and guarantees that the payment will be based solely on the precious metals content. Our process is transparent and you can be satisfied knowing that there will be no hidden brokerage, transaction, or assay fees.

How is Pricing Determined

Pricing is determined by the market rate at the time of booking. Clients who have an account with us may book rates over the phone and new clients may book at the time their metal is processed. There are no extra assay or transaction fees. A rate booked over the phone is a commitment from both parties to honor the agreement.


Payment is offered in Canadian and US Cash. Please call ahead for large Cash requirements.  Cheque and Bank transfers are also available as well as payment in Pure Fine, Fine Grain and Gold Bars.

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