Gold and Silver Alloys for Jewellers

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What Alloys Are You Interested In?

Guardian Gold is Stocking Alloys for Jewellers

We are happy to announce that we are stocking some gold and silver alloys.

Gold and Silver Alloys will be available for outright purchase or as an offset when you bring us your scrap to sell.

Scrap to Stock Service

Bring in your dead stock jewellery and bench grindings to Guardian Gold to convert it to new alloy stock. Offset your alloy purchase by selling your scrap.

  • Sell and Buy at the same time and location.
  • Same day turn around – walk in with your scrap and out with your alloy.
  • Enjoy fast processing times in our comfortable office.
  • See our alloy inventory availability online before you come in – no more guessing.

Your Expertise Matters

We want to hear from you as to which alloys you are most interested in. This will help us decide which to order and keep in stock.

With thousands of potential different types of gold and silver alloys we want to ensure that we stock the ones that matter most to our customers.

Check our current alloy availability.

Ready to Make an Impact

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Precious Metal Alloys Availability

Our Alloy availability table is updated every morning and afternoon. Please call us at 416-861-1888 to check on current stock levels and book your order.

Alloy FAQs

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