Sell Your Gold Jewellery

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We Buy Your Old Gold

When you are looking to sell your gold it pays to shop around to look for the best place to sell your gold. Whether you have jewelry, coins, or other old gold we pay cash for gold on the spot. Our rates are competitive and clear. If you would like to see what we would pay for your gold just enter a few details on our gold calculator on this page.

Unlike many online gold calculators we ARE a gold buyer, and will melt and assay your gold on the spot, and the values in our calculator are real prices that we pay out. The rates are regularly updated throughout business hours and reflect current market conditions.

How to Use It

  • Select the weight type
  • Choose if you want to get paid in CAD or USD
  • Enter how much the gold weighs
  • Select the purity of the gold
  • That’s it, we will then tell you how much money you would get from us

Am I Booking a Rate?

Our calculator provides you with our rate and estimated payout at the time you use it. We are not locking the rate with you, and you are not committing to sell your metals to us.

We provide you with an estimate based on your information and our most recent rates.

Request Your Estimate

When you send us your contact information we will email you a summary of your calculation. You can use this when shopping around for the best service.

The email will include next steps if you would like to sell your metals to us, along with an Estimate number.

Sell Your Gold Jewellery Calculator

What Else Can You Do With It

You can add more rows by pressing the Add Product button. If you have gold in different karats or purity, rather than having to reset the calculator for each type and then having to remember and add them together we take care of all the math for you.

Market Indication

This market indicator is provided for informational purposes.

Our Prices

Refresh your browser to get our latest online prices. They are updated every minute, during market hours, and are the prices we pay at that time.

Please feel free to call us during working hours to check prices or ask us any questions you have.

Make the Right Choice for You

  • Best Prices
  • Fast Transactions
  • Private and Secure

We are available to help you and answer any questions you have about how gold prices are calculated or how you can sell your gold jewellery.

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