There is no minimum quantity required to sell us precious metals.

Yes, the percentage of precious metals needs to be 30% or higher in order for us to purchase it.

We purchase Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium.

We don't melt all metals on site but we do melt Gold Scrap to ensure an accurate reading. Read more about our Assay process.

You can watch your melt through a window from our client room.

See our write up on Purity Analysis.

All businesses and corporations selling scrap metal who require payment of HST must provide, for each transaction, a receipt including the following details: Business Name, Date of Invoice, Amount Payable, Total amount of HST Charged, Goods Description and HST number. The HST number provided must be registered on the day of the transaction and the name with which it is registered must be included in either the account opening documents or on the invoices provided.

Yes, we buy all pure precious metals products.

We require identification from any individual conducting transactions where, in a 24 hours period, we receive a total of 10,000.00 or more Canadian cash or its United States dollar equivalent. We also require identification from any client who receives payment by bank transfer or cheque or pays with a bank transfer. We also require identification for repeat customers and customers transacting business on behalf of a company,

Please sort any silver you wish to sell by its purity. For instance if you are selling coins, please group similar contented coins together. This will facilitate a quicker transaction.

No, we do not. For more information see our Refining page.

While our business is focused on commercial accounts, we do buy and sell to individuals looking to sell their scrap jewellery or make a purchase of pure gold.

We welcome new clients looking to do business with us. Please give us a call so that we can better understand your needs and send you the appropriate account opening documents.

Unfortunately we have seen too much jewellery that was stamped as one purity but when melted and assayed, turned out to be an entirely different and lower purity. This is why we melt all scrap jewellery before we buy it.

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