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Unlike cutlery that is solid silver, such as spoons and forks, silver knives are usually constructed from a stainless-steel blade and a filled silver handle. 

 Silver knife handles are generally filled with cement, lead, or gypsum, a plaster-type material.  The stainless blade and filled handle mean that an accurate weight of silver content is not readily available. 

A pile of silver handled steel bladed knives
A pile of silver handled knives waiting to be broken down

 The only way to obtain an accurate silver weight of the knife handle is to remove the filling and blade.  The separation of material is time-consuming and usually not done on-premises.  For instance, at Guardian International Gold, we wait until we have accumulated a substantial pile and then send them out for processing. 

 If you wish to sell silver knives, Guardian International Gold generally offers 90% of the current silver bid at the time of the transaction for either 1/4 of the weight of small knives or 1/3 of the weight of large knives.   

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