Guardian Gold Logo Is it Safe to Ship Precious Metals?

It is safe to ship precious metals purchased at Guardian International Gold because we use insured shipping to Canada and the United States.  

Shipment Pricing

The price of the insurance, which the shipping company will quote, is determined by the following: 

  1. The dollar value of the purchase 
  1. Shipment type 
  1. Package type 
  1. Weight of the package 
  1. Shipping destination 

As prices depend on so many variables, at Guardian Gold, insured shipping is added to the purchase cost. 

How can I Monitor my Shipment?

When you decide to have your purchase shipped to you, you will be given a tracking number to monitor its progress. Most delivery times are within 2-3 days. 

For all our insured shipments, a signature is required.

Can I Receive Shipment at my Home Address?

We can ship to your place of business or residence. If you are not available at the time of delivery, the courier will leave a missed delivery notice and make another attempt to deliver at a later time. They can also hold for you for pick up at one of our shippers holding locations closest to your address. For all our insured shipments, a signature is required. 

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