Guardian Gold Logo How do I sell my Gold Jewellery?

Selling your scrap gold Jewellery is quite simple.  

Gather up your broken and unwanted chains, removing any stones you wish to keep.

First, gather up all your broken and unwanted chains, rings, bracelets, and earrings.  Any part of the jewellery that is not precious metals will be lost in the process so take time at home to remove those parts if you wish to keep them. Guardian International Gold melts scrap jewellery into a bar prior to purchase and relies on an assay to determine the purity. Be prepared for the transaction to take around ten minutes to complete.

A small pile of broken and discarded jewellery.
A small pile of broken and discarded jewellery awaiting melt.

If there are diamonds or precious stones or any other part of the item that you wish to keep, make sure you remove them before bringing in your Jewelry.

The weighed lot is melted together and payment is based on the average purity of the melted bar.

Red-hot melted gold being poured from a crucible into a mould
Pouring a small melt into a mould

When you bring your unwanted Jewellery to Guardian International Gold, you can expect the following:

  1. First, we weigh everything to get a gross weight of all the items.
  2. Then we proceed to melt all the pieces together; this takes about 10 minutes. You can watch the process through a viewing window. During the melt, all the separate pieces of Jewellery with different purities or karats combine into one final bar of metal with an average purity.
  3. Then we analyze the bar with our x-ray spectrometer for approximately 90 seconds.
  4. A spectrometer accurately analyzes the composition of the bar. A report is printed showing the percentage of the gold bar. The bar’s weight multiplied by the percentage of gold it contains and the current price equals the dollar amount we can offer you.
The formula for calculating the amount paid for gold in a melted bar of scrap
(weight of the bar in grams) x (% of Gold in the Bar) x (troy ounce/grams conversion) * (price) = (amount of money received)

That is how to sell your scrap Jewellery.

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