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If you are looking to sell or understand the value of your jewellery, Guardian is here to help!  We have an online calculator you can use for a no obligation estimate of what your jewellery is worth.

Gather up your broken and unwanted chains, removing any stones you wish to keep.

First, gather up all your broken and unwanted chains, rings, bracelets, and earrings.  Any part of the jewellery that is not precious metals will be lost in the process so take time at home to remove those parts if you wish to keep them. Guardian International Gold melts scrap jewellery into a bar prior to purchase and relies on an assay to determine the purity. Be prepared for the transaction to take around ten minutes to complete.

A small pile of broken and discarded jewellery.
A small pile of broken and discarded jewellery awaiting melt.

If there are diamonds or precious stones or any other part of the item that you wish to keep, make sure you remove them before bringing in your jewellery.

The weighed lot is melted together and payment is based on the average purity of the melted bar.

Red-hot melted gold being poured from a crucible into a mould
Pouring a small melt into a mould

When you bring your unwanted jewellery to Guardian Gold, you can expect the following:

1. Firstly, you’ll bring it into our office for a quote, and depending on the quantity of pieces, we may test them individually using our spectrometer (X-Ray machine for metals that accurately analyzes the composition of the bar) for an estimate. If there are any questions or concerns regarding the estimated value, we are happy to answer them! 

2. The next step in this process is to melt your gold. We begin this process by weighing the gold to show you the overall weight of your gold prior to melting. We do this so we can know the right size of mold to use once the gold is melted, and to keep track of any miscellaneous weight that is lost in the melt, such as stones in the jewellery.  

3. Once your gold has been weighed, we then melt the jewellery into a bar which takes approximately 5 – 10 minutes, a process you can view through the client viewing window. During the melt, all the separate pieces of jewellery, each with different purities or karats, combine into one final bar of metal with an average purity.

4 . Once melted, your jewellery which is now a gold bar, and will be put through the spectrometer to determine the exact purity of gold in your bar. Guardian will then weigh your melted gold and calculate the fine grams and ounces of gold within the bar, paying out 1.5% under spot per troy ounce. 

The formula for calculating the amount paid for gold in a melted bar of scrap
(weight of the bar in grams) x (% of Gold in the Bar) x (troy ounce/grams conversion) * (price) = (amount of money received)

The process of selling your gold to us at Guardian is quick and simple! We value price transparency highly and require no commitment for you to sell at any point of the transaction. Our industry experts will happily walk you through the full process and any more questions while you are here in person.

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