Gold 2023 Outlook and Review

2022 started quietly and on a soft note for precious metals. Market participants were primarily focused on multi-decade-high inflation rates. The war in Ukraine had not yet occurred and initial movements towards that eventuality were perceived by many to be a saber-rattling exercise. January was the quiet before the storm. Gold opened the year at $1,828.

Cast gold bar of 100g produced by the PAMP Suisse refinery

What is the Smallest Gold Coin Available?

Gold is expensive and therefore it is not always feasible to start by purchasing 1-ounce weights. Mints recognize this and offer products of a lesser weight. Such options have become increasingly popular and there are multiple gold coins to look at. Let’s look at coins that come from national minting corporations such as the U.S mint, the People’s Bank of China, the Perth Mint from Australia and the Royal Canadian Mint. 

Pile of gold coins on reflective surface

Understanding Trends in the Precious Metals Market 

Understanding Trends in the Precious Metals Market  When an article written in the financial pages reads: “Local gold prices will likely continue on an uptrend in the long-term considering the trendline, the highs, and the lows since 2019.” Do you find yourself wondering what makes a precious metal trend?  In the world of financial and precious metals markets, there is …

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The Mid-Year 2022 Gold and Silver Recap and Outlook

The first six months of 2022 have proven to be a remarkably obscure time in modern history. In January of 2022 just as the COVID pandemic seemed to be abating, the world was confronted with the highest inflation levels in decades and the proverbial sabre-rattling from Russia regarding their political intentions in Ukraine. Six months later and we have witnessed global central banks beginning to tackle inflationary pressures as the brutal conflict that has spanned 128 days and counting continues. Due to such events over the course of the past six months both gold and silver prices have fluctuated enormously.   

Gold Price Outlook for 2022

Another tumultuous year is behind us and eyes begin to look forward to what 2022 will bring to the world. Let’s take a dive into the factors that can and will impact gold’s price action for the year ahead

New Years 2022
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