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Gold Purity 101: Your Ultimate Guide to Understanding Gold’s Quality

If you’re new to the world of gold, understanding gold purity can be a daunting task. Purity is an essential aspect of gold quality, and it determines the value of the gold you’re buying or selling. In this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know about gold purity, from what it is to how it’s measured and what it means for your investment.

Gold 2023 Outlook and Review

2022 started quietly and on a soft note for precious metals. Market participants were primarily focused on multi-decade-high inflation rates. The war in Ukraine had not yet occurred and initial movements towards that eventuality were perceived by many to be a saber-rattling exercise. January was the quiet before the storm. Gold opened the year at $1,828.

Cast gold bar of 100g produced by the PAMP Suisse refinery

What is the Smallest Gold Coin Available?

Gold is expensive and therefore it is not always feasible to start by purchasing 1-ounce weights. Mints recognize this and offer products of a lesser weight. Such options have become increasingly popular and there are multiple gold coins to look at. Let’s look at coins that come from national minting corporations such as the U.S mint, the People’s Bank of China, the Perth Mint from Australia and the Royal Canadian Mint. 

Pile of gold coins on reflective surface

Indications That Something Is Not Silver

Have you ever wondered how to tell if something is silver or not? Are there easy ways to know, or do you need special equipment? Silver comes in many shapes and sizes, however there are ways to understand and determine purity that anyone can accomplish. 

Four hallmarks on the side of a silver item

How is Silver Priced?

In ancient times, the low structural strength of Silver made it a poor choice for any craft or industry that required tensile strength. It was not until the relatively recent last 150 years that advancements in science allowed manufacturing to take advantage of silver’s specific properties …

RCM Silver Maples
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