The History Of Guardian Gold


Guardian International Gold Corporation emerged as an independent Canadian precious metals company in 2003. However, the story of our company started much earlier. Guardian Gold President, Dino Vannicola entered the industry at a time when the general public was first becoming enamored with investing in and owning precious metals. As Chief trader with the Guardian Trust Company, a trailblazer in providing precious metals to a broad range of individuals and institutions, Dino was schooled in the international nature of this business. In his second week on the job Dino was given the opportunity to go down into the underground vault on St. Jacques Street in Old Montreal where Guardian Trust had its main depository. Once inside the guards opened two large cabinet doors and all of a sudden he had his first visceral understanding of what it must have been like during the Klondike Gold Rush. There were stacks of gold bars and boxes filled with gold coins, thousands upon thousands of pieces. He was awed by the physical beauty of those shiny stacks.  Almost thirty years later Dino still gets to see that first big impression precious metals can evoke when someone holds a gold bar for the first time and at Guardian International Gold we bring that passion to our clients every day.

While we have decades of combined experience in the field of precious metals trading and numismatics, for some of us, this work is in our blood. Numismatic specialist Peter Lockwood grew up in family business that was instrumental in developing the industry in this country; His father almost single-handedly created the market in Ontario for specialized banknote and coin trading 40 years ago. Peter is one of Canada’s foremost experts in the identification and pricing of numismatic products from around the world. In keeping with the family tradition, Peter’s son Doug Lockwood has recently joined us at Guardian Gold.

We know that our vast knowledge and experience can provide for all of your precious metal requirements. Our people are looking forward to sharing their passion for all things metal with you.